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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Angry motorists torch speed camera in backlash against scores of tickets in three days

No comment.

From the Daily Mail:

Speed cameras are being destroyed in what appears to be a revenge campaign by motorists. Two on one stretch of road in East Dorset were set alight on consecutive weekends, and four others have been vandalised in the county in the past year.

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Magistrates' fears over new police powers to give drivers £60 on-the-spot fines

At last someone is standing up to the police 'service'.
Not content with wanting to have more control - they are now the judge and jury on careless driving issues.
Understandably, magistrates aren't too pleased with this.
All you have to do is join up various issues: less than 50% of cases now get to court (the police issue lots of cautions including, unbelievabley, for rape).
The prison population is now at an all time high - and it's so incredibly difficult to get sent to prison now.
So Labour tell us crime is falling but fewer offences are dealt with in courts and those that are have a very slim chance of being sent down.
Welcome to Blair's Britain!

This is in today's Daily Mail:

Police cannot be trusted to hand out on-the-spot fines for some motoring offences, magistrates warned today.They claim officers will 'misuse' the powers and force drivers to pay the fixed penalty notices when they have done nothing wrong.In a scathing attack, the Magistrates Association said that by giving police powers to hand out fines for careless driving, innocent motorists will be penalised while some guilty drivers could avoid jail terms. Scathing attack: Police should not be given the power to issue on-the-spot punishments for careless driving, say magistrates (file photo) The Government is planning to give police new powers to hand out £60 fines and three penalty points on their licence to motorists guilty of careless driving.Currently, offenders are prosecuted in the courts where they can face a fine of up to £5,000 and up to nine points on their licence.But police leaders want more powers to issue the fixed penalty notices as it frees up officers time as they are not bogged down with paperwork for court.The number of on-the-spot fines issued by police has risen sharply under Labour - largely due to the introduction of the 'penalty notice for disorder' which was introduced in 2004.
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The police cannot be trusted because they will always ALWAYS abuse their power.
This means no-one will get a summons to appear before a court and here at MAD - we think that's an outrage!

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The speeding 'stitch-up': Middle-class drivers 'will have to pay big costs bills even if they win court cases'

Well done to Ray Massey in today's Daily Mail.

In a nutshell: Thousands of middle-class motorists who challenge speeding fines face having to pay most of their legal costs even if they win their cases.

Reforms, which have been described as a 'stitch-up' aimed at excluding the middle classes, will limit the costs that can be claimed back by the drivers.

From October, the Ministry of Justice is cutting the current generous level of costs awarded to successful defendants to the lower rates used in legal aid cases.

It's all about the money! Zanu Newliebour prove once and for all that 'justice' in the UK does not extend to motorists - especially when they come up against the money machines that are speed cameras.

I have told everyone for years to contest their fines.

Then the authorities made it harder and doubled the fine if you dared to take them on.

That's not justice.

And with the number of mistakes being made this just underlines the police state we live in. This latest move from the 'Justice' Ministry is a disgrace and targets all but the rich. Gordon Brown - his election to oblivion can't come soon enough.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

Monday, 3 August 2009

Captain Gatso and the Financial Times

This is my piece from the weekend's Financial Times....

Motorists Against Detection
Captain Gatso [a Gatso is a type of speed camera used in the UK] , campaigns director, is a “family man in my forties”

Motorists Against Detection, which oversees the Speedaholics website, encourages the destruction of speed cameras.

The Speedaholics website says “a campaign will be organised by direct action to take out speed cameras”.

How are you able to get away with it?
You don’t host your site in the UK and US. And it depends on the way you communicate: encrypted e-mail, mobiles – divert, divert, divert and in the end you bin the Sim card. The campaign became big quite rapidly. It’s not, as the authorities portray, just vandalism.

Isn’t it?
It patently isn’t. Speed cameras are not road safety devices, they’re a revenue stream. People are still dying.

Do you vandalise cameras yourself?
I don’t get my hands dirty. It’s carefully orchestrated, I use PR and I have a day-to-day relationship with a lot of Fleet Street.

Are there speed cameras you wouldn’t attack?
Anything in a built-up area we used to leave be. But the speed limit’s come down and, with all the tricks they play, we’ve pretty much said everything is up for grabs. Boy racers are clued up on speeding then braking. It’s older people who are most likely to get tickets, for speeding a few miles over the limit.

Why not just demonstrate or lobby your MP?
People are exasperated with lobbying. The socialist government is car hating, it doesn’t want you having mobility and freedom. It’s part of the encroaching surveillance society. You’ve got digital speed cameras that are noting down places where you’ve been, going on the nationwide police computer in Hendon.

What about accidents happening because you’ve destroyed a speed camera?
The accidents are going to happen anyway. Putting speed cameras in is like trying to swat a fly after it’s gone. There are pieces of bad engineering of roads and junctions that could be ironed out.

Is there an outlaw thrill in what you do?
Not really. OK, I use a silly name, because my real name wouldn’t bring anything to the table. Yet when you take this word “Gatso”, people’s ears prick up, they know the subject.

Do the police know who you are?
I hope not.

On another note:
I keep telling people that this database-driven Police state will end in tears.
And for the people affected by the debacle of 'Officials give 1,570 people criminal records by mistake over past 12 months' you have my sympathy.The idots responsible never take the blame. No-one gets fired but you've lost out on a job.That's life under Zanu Labour.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend