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Friday, 26 June 2009

Hurrah! Common sense prevails - pay as you go scrapped

This Daily Mail story has brought a smaile to my face after weeks of misery:

Pay-as-you-drive scheme shelved: Labour backtracks after 1.7m sign petition.

A national pay-as-you-drive road tax plan has been shelved by Labour after the scheme sparked the largest petition on the Downing Street website.
New Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said it was 'not the time' to introduce the scheme that would see drivers pay up to £1.50 a mile to use the road.
The plan will not be included in the Labour manifesto in the run up to a General Election and will
Let's see what they do. They don't often pay any attention to the democratic process but then, as the most taxed nation in Europe, I think we are all getting ticked off about how expensive driving in this country has become.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

Monday, 22 June 2009

Talivan is bang to rights

Farcical. This from The Sun shows just what the police think of our laws.
A Talivan dishing out speeding tickets is parked up next to a sign saying do not park. Brilliant.
Well done to the Sun for highlighting idiots like this.

Read more

Captain Gatso

More evidence of police state Britain

I've been trying to flag up for a long time that we in the UK live in a police state. The police are simply beyond justice.
just to underline what is going on, go to this Guardian story and watch the video (actually it's police surveillance footage which makes it even worse).
It's taken a while to get here - but leaving someone in custody for FOUR days because she asked a copper for his number?
Come on. That cannot be right (and PC Dickhead, you have to give someone your number if they ask for it).
I'm bewildered. We have an unelected Prime Minsiter who is doing a shambles of a job with a cabinet stuffed with unelected cronies.
Have I lost the plot?

Captain Gatso

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Speed camera fines drivers £350,000 in just three weeks as drivers cry 'scam'

This Daily Mail story illustrates a ruse used by many councils - change the junction layout and priorities without actually telling anyone.
In this instance, it means a council has raked in fines worth £350,000 in just three weeks.
Of course, no-one at the council thought that this was an extraordinary situation and so they didn't opt to cancel the fines (oh, no no no) or improve signage.
No they kept on issuing fines and getting nasty when people complain.
We must be close to civil war on actions such as these. The councils work for US! We pay THEM! Since when did ordinary, car driving folk become such easy targets?
It has to stop.

Captain Gatso
The motorists' friend

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Here's part of the Mail story:
North London's Islington Council fined thousands of drivers in a matter of days after installing a CCTV camera to catch road users who were unaware of the new rules.
Previously it had been legal to turn into the tiny backstreet.
Now angry road users - who say they only realised the rules had changed when they were sent fines in the post - are demanding the local authority cancel the penalties.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

British motorists pay £250m tax every week

People wonder why I get so angry with the antics of politicians - this story in the Telegraph illustrates why.
British motorists cough up over a BILLION pounds a WEEK and get a fraction back to help maintain roads which would shame a third world nation.
This is a political issue. Zanu Labour have used us as a cash cow to be milked regularly - without any say on where the cash goes. Stand up for your 'rights' and they destroy you or legislate your silence. Try contending a parking or speeding ticket and see how far you get. The authorities don't make mistakes and they don't answer questions.
So now we have millions of overtaxed, disgruntled voters who are really pissed off with the state of the nation.
As the writer says:
So what do we get for the £250m we spend each week on motoring taxation? A slower, more congested, less enjoyable road network that is undoubtedly getting worse, not better, as maintenance and repair standards are allowed to deteriorate.

Read more and weep.

Captain Gatso for motoring news and views

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Brown the dictator and his mad grip on power

I just can't bring myself to say what I really think about the current political situation. (I mean in the UK not in Iran, though you;d be forgiven that at least the Iranians have had something akin to free and fair elections).
Most of what we have now stems from the Government's attempts to treat motorists like shabby third class citizens - and we let them get away with it.
That's given them the idea that the British people will not stand up for their rights.
Instead we are having them trample over rights we have held for a thousand years.
All underpinned by an unelected Prime Minister who has staffed his cabinet with unelected inisters.
It's a disgrace.
In the Euro elections I thought it was lucky that this shower achieved an abysmal 15% - now it turns out that in some areas Zanu Labour polled an appalling 8%.
And now we have a whitewash on the Iraqi war - a complete cover-up by these twisted lying deceitful no good warmongers.
We want an election and we want it NOW!
Read a thoughtful piece in the Daily Mail about what is going on.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend