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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

'Most dangerous' roads in Britain named by safety group

So here we go again.

The most dangerous roads in the UK are not highways but junctions. AS WE HAVE TOLD PEOPLE FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS (OR MORE).

And what doesn't appear from the news coverage is that the danger point for motoring accidents is at a junction LESS THAN A MILE FROM YOUR HOME.

Here's part of the story:

Junction danger

It examined accident data relating to roads across Britain. Among the Road Safety Foundation conclusions were:

A third of all fatal and serious crashes happen at junctions

Single roads carry six times the risk of motorways and twice that of dual carriageways

One-in-four fatal or serious crashes on A-roads or motorways involves a motorcyclist

There was a 5% reduction in the number of fatal crashes on such roads in the past three years

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Captain Gatso

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How the police can save a fortune - without sacking officers

I see that today the funding of police forces comes into the searchlight.

As we have said before at speedaholics (mainly on the blog) the police don't need to be running around in top-of-the-range cars.

Why does an Inspector need a fancy BMW?

At one point on Speedaholics we actually gave details of the luxury cars and their number plates which were spotted in the police station car parks.

It might be worth doing this again just to underline how the police waste their resources.

Let's not feel too bad for them - times have been good under Labour.

Unheard of new powers; the biggest police force in history; the biggest overtime budget EVER and a crass approach to dealing with the public as 'the enemy'.

It's going to take the police service years to put right the damage they have caused in their relationship between them and the public.

As motorists we are pleased to see their wallets being attacked without any recourse to whether it's right or wrong.

Now you know how the general public feels.

Captain Gatso

Monday, 28 June 2010

Parking wardens giving out 'illegal' fines to hit targets

If ever you need any reasons to fully understand why we at Motorists Aganist Detection are so fed-up with motorists being the centre of fundraising tactics then this story explains it all.

We are an easy terget and we have few legal rights to combat false speed and parking tickets. The authorities have been abusing us for years and here's the truth from the Daily Mail.....

Motorists have been tricked into paying tens of thousands of pounds in 'illegal' parking tickets issued so that wardens can meet targets.

Thousands of the wrongful tickets have been paid by drivers who were unaware that they should have been cancelled by the council contractors who dole them out.

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This is fraud! People should be arrested! And will the finesbe handed back? We don't think so.

As we say: always, ALWAYS contest a parking or a speeding ticket. They are often wrong.