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Monday, 25 May 2009

The war on speed cameras spreads

We love the and respect their newsgathering skills.

For anyone in any doubt that it's not just the UK suffering with cameras then here is a timely reminder: Australia and France are seeing cameras destroyed too.

(Though, in the Australian case we do not condone 'direct action' against the staff who are manning the cameras).

Here's the story:

Australia, France, UK Traffic Cameras Under Fire

Speed camera assaults on rise in Australia, French sticker attack costs thousands in revenue, UK red light camera trashed twice in one night.

Motorists around the world are finding new ways to express displeasure with automated ticketing machines.

At around 2am on May 5, vigilantes set fire to a red light camera in the Tolworth suburb of London, England according to This is Local London.

Authorities discovered the blaze and had the fire put out before significant damage was done. So an hour later, the vigilantes returned and set it on fire a second time.

Although the attacks were typical insofar as they used gasoline-filled tires, targeting red light cameras is relatively rare.

Independent US studies have documented an increase in accidents where red light cameras have been used, but no similar independent studies have been conducted in the UK.

(Errr, we disagree with this point. We believe there is a report commissioned by the DfT and because it says accidents increase, has been buried by the authorities).

In South Australia, the drivers of speed camera cars are reporting an increase in "assaults." In some cases, bricks, rocks and other objects have been hurled through the windows of the automated ticketing vehicles and the drivers' union is demanding action, the Adelaide Sunday Mail reported.

More commonly, however, the assaults are verbal, with 29 insults hurled in 2008 compared to just one in 2005. Projectiles tossed at speed cameras increased to four in 2008 from three rocks in 2005.

"I've had bottles thrown at me, I've had my car rammed and one guy hit me a couple of times and took my windows off," a former speed camera employee told the Sunday Mail.

Police officials are also upset that last year, on seventeen occasions, photos were taken of the speed camera car driver.

In Paris, France vigilantes covered a speed camera in Continental-brand tire stickers on April 29, and the device was not repaired until May 12. MotoMag estimates that drivers saved 120,000 Euros (US $160,000) while the camera was unable to issue citations.

Captain Gatso

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cops lie about speeding

Well, who would have thought it? Here is proof that the police tell lies to avoid speed tickets.

Here at Motorists Against Detection we have long held the belief that to avoid tickets you need to be wearing a uniform. And here in today's Sun is a story about two top boys saying they were working when they were they weren't,

Congratulations to Surrey Police for investigating cops flouting of traffic laws. It's long over due but.....


Here's The Sun story:

TWO top cops were suspended yesterday on allegations of speeding and running red lights on private trips — while claiming to be on police work.

Surrey Police Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper and Superintendent Johnny Johncox could face criminal charges.

Investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission asked the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate if any criminal offences may have been committed.

The suspensions come as part of a probe into cops flouting traffic laws — then allegedly dodging their fine by signing forms claiming that they were on police business.

Surrey Police confirmed there were allegations of “dishonest conduct”.

Captain Gatso

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

CCTV - £500m wasted

So it's no surprise to us that a report finds that the massive CCTV network has done very little to impact on crime.

No-one is surprised are they?

This is all about control and Zanu Labour giving the impression that they are doing something about crime.

Look at the mess they have got us all into.

Read more.

* It's also nice to see that the car scrapping scheme will see the £2,000 sweetener disappear after just 88 days. That's the thing with Gordon Brown, he thinks everyone is an idiot. The car trade will make the necessary adjustment to used car values to make sure it's not them carrying the cost.

Captain Gatso

Monday, 18 May 2009

Gatso nets £1m in just five months

Various camera partnerships, the Government and police keep trying to tell us that speed cameras are not about fleecing motorists.
But look at these figures - released under Freedom of Information and not willingly handed over - and think carefully.
What is the real issue here? If it is speeders going through roadworks causing such a problem then for God's sake get police patrols out and enforce the speed limit with tickets and 'words of advice'.
Or is it because there is an issue with signposting (a regular problem for people running cameras at roadworks) for so many people to be caught.
Whatever the answer it's simply ridiculous that so many drivers have had tickets issued.
On top of this it's also revealed that six other temporary camera sites together raked in £2.2million.
They were: the M1 in Mill Hill, North London (£616,000); A2 in Cobham, Kent (£397k); A40 in Denham, West London (£374k); A550 in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire (£368k); Junction 6 of the M62, Merseyside (£368k) and M1 near Rotherham, South Yorks (£71k).
This must be a topic for debate. So let's have it.
A GATSO installed to snare drivers racing through roadworks on a commuter route issued £1million of tickets in FIVE MONTHS.
The temporary speed camera snared 16,213 speeders — more than 100 a day.
Most would have been fined £60 — £973,000 in all — and faced three penalty points.
The camera was installed during a temporary 30mph limit on a 50mph section of the A316 in Hanworth, South West London — a commuter route into and out of the capital via the M3.

Read The Sun story

Captain Gatso

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

We were right all along

Here at Motorists Against Detection we said that the police and authorities were only interested in speed cameras AFTER they were allowed to keep the cash.
We were slagged down and ridiculed but's a story in The Times that underlines what we are saying.
There are now fewer speed cameras (well, the housings are still there but let's not split hairs) which in turn has led to a massive drop in speed camera penalties.
We would view this as a victory except that the police reduced its number of patrols to rely on camera technology and this has compounded a situation which has led to an increase in accidents and injuries.
Sadly the bloated and expensive camera partnerships are still in existence.
It's a start but I doubt that we will go back to having the safest roads in Europe. The people in power don't do humble and they don't do apologies.
Which is a shame because their stance means we will suffer more injuries with this woolly-headed (and wrong) approach to road safety.

Read the story

Captain Gatso

Monday, 11 May 2009


Whooops! Many apologies for the slight technical hitch which meant that the last few postings didn't actually disaply.


It's simply disgraceful that someone in charge of speed cameras ignores them - but is banned under totting up rules. So, he is a serial speeder. I've been saying for long enough that the speeding laws in the UK don't apply to anyone who wears a uniform. Or, it now transpires, who happens to install and maintain them.

Will he resign? Don't hold your breath. But here I am being quoted in the Daily Express. His employers must view this as gross misconduct, surely?

BRITAIN’S speed camera boss was banned from driving ­yesterday – for speeding at more than 100mph.

Serco chief executive Tom Riall – whose company maintains the yellow Gatso roadside cameras – admitted exceeding 100mph on a 70mph dual carriageway. He was caught by a police patrol car.
Riall, 49, was banned for six months after having six points added to his licence.
Magistrates at Sudbury, ­Suffolk, were told he had two previous motoring convictions, including a speeding offence.
Riall, of Ufton Nervet, near Reading, Berks, claimed a driving ban would cause him “exceptional hardship”. He would need to employ drivers at a cost of about £30,000 to take him to business meetings, he said.
Last night anti-speed camera campaigner Captain Gatso, of Motorists Against Detection, called for Riall to be sacked.
He said: “Motorists will be clapping their hands. He has got a taste of his own medicine.
“He is making £150,000 a year from his ill-gotten gains and living off our misfortune. Surely being caught speeding like this is a case of gross misconduct. He has to be up for the sack.”

read more

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend