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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

And finally the truth comes out

I've been telling anyone who will listen for years - and so have fellow members of Motorists Against Detection - that speed cameras have nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with road safety and here is the proof.

Swindon took the brave step of removing their cameras and got lambasted for it. Now a year later they haven't seen a difference in their accident rates.

That's because speed is not a factor in 95% of accidents.

If this deceitful government and their misguided camera partnerships announced today that they were going to improve driving standards and behaviours I would be on their side immediately. We have too many drivers in this country (many without licences or insurance) who have no idea how to drive properly. Crack down on those idiots and see the accident rate fall. Simple.

Here's today's story in the Sun:

FIXED speed cameras make no difference to road accident rates and are simply money-making machines, it was claimed last night.

The first council in the country to ban Gatsos revealed it has seen little change since making the move in the summer.

Chiefs in Swindon, Wilts, reckon the results have proved that the cameras didn't save lives - but were only there to make money.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy Xmas from the Speed Camera Partnerships

Well, not really a happy Xmas - or a happy new year - come to that after they have been told to reveal how much speed cameras earn.

This will underline what I have been sayig for years that speed cameras were never about safety. If that was the case they would be outside schools and hospitals and high streets. But no, the authorities had to raise cash for their silly schemes. (Speed is a factor in less than 5% of accidents - Govt figures).

Anyway enjoy this great story in today's Sun.... (With quotes from me!)

SPEED cameras were condemned as mere money makers last night after cops were ordered to reveal the huge sums raised.

England's busiest Gatso at the bottom of the M11 outside London raked in an estimated �2.3MILLION in five years as it flashed 38,243 drivers breaking the 50mph limit.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Drivers’ personal details handed to EU

Please believe me when I say we now live in a police state.

Your privacy is no longer an issue - anyone in Europe can find things out about you.

There's going to be a few people being chased for committing minor motoring offences from years ago - shame we don't have the same enthusiasm to chase foreign offenders.

This is in the Sunday Times:

Drivers’ personal details handed to EU

The personal details of nearly 40m UK motorists will be open to abuse when they are “automatically” trawled by foreign states, an internal police report has admitted.

Sensitive information such as a driver’s address, motoring convictions and medical history will be exposed to routine sifting by police, traffic wardens and other officials across Europe when European Union data-sharing plans come into force in 2011.

The “restricted” document raises fears that foreign traffic police and other bureaucrats on the continent will be able to hunt down British tourists years after they return home for reasons such as unpaid parking fines.

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Petrol price war

To be honest I don't really care - fuel is needlessly overpriced (or that should be over-taxed) and I'm still amazed we aren't having major protests again.

Supermarkets launch pre-Christmas petrol price war

Two of Britain's supermarkets have sparked a petrol price war as they cut the cost of fuel.

Asda and Tesco have both dropped the price of their unleaded and diesel by up to three pence a litre, saying they are passing on a cut in oil prices.