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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Britain is a police state - OFFICIAL!!

The arrest of Tory MP Damian Green is a shocking act - the police are out of control.

And for Gordon Brown to say he didn't know anything about it is beyond incredible.

Only a clown like Speaker Martin would allow cops to raid the MP's office in Parlament. This is an affront on democracy - but like I've been saying...Labour (or should that be ZANU Labour?) aren't interested in democracy. They don't like critics.

These people know that their days are numbered. Interesting that things like this happen when those snakes Mandelson and Campbell return to the warzone.

So, the front of the Daily Mail ( is that Britain is now a police state and MP's want protection. What about the rest of us? We've been putting up with this for years. We have no rights. The police will pursue who they like.

On top of this there's an interesting story in today's Times too. A reporter is put through the criminal process ( and it turns out there is no case to answer. Strip searched etc.

She had a copper as a friend and then was 'monitored' illegally by the police. The judge is appalled.

Bizarrely, Article 10 of the European Human Rights convention has protected her. She says she feels 'violated' but I doubt she will be the last. Do the police ever step forward and apologise and promise not to do it again?

Where are you ZANU Labour supporters now? Is this really the Britain you want? You must speak out now - we are teetering on the brink. Labour and the police are out of control.

But don't worry about it - the Socialist Prime Minister Tony Blair is now a multi-millionaire. Nice work if you can get it.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend


I have been sent the police equivalent of a 'D Notice' which has been emailed to all of Britain's news editors.

I'm pleased to see that they've all ignored it - except the Labour-supporting papers who can't bring themselves to upset the puppet master. They haven't got the balls to realise they are supporting a bunch of fascist bastards.

Anyway, references to the Contempt of Court Act don't mean anything now - especially now that everyone has published material likely to prejudice a fair trial. Endanger a criminal trial? You bunch of piss-taking amateurs. I hope a few careers get burned over this.

Friday, 28 November 2008

London congestion charge zone slashed by Boris Johnson

It's good to see common-sense prevails in the office of the Mayor of London. Now that the idiot Livingstone has gone with his hatred of cars (and especially motorists) we should start being happier about what might happen to the capital's roads.

The good news here is that it should deliver a blow to the congestion charge vote taking place in Manchester.

Congestion charging doesn't work. It makes driving for poor people prohibative and doesn't have an impact on CO2 emmissions or any other nonsense thrown up as a reason for having it.

Here's The Times:

The London congestion charge zone will be halved after Boris Johnson, the Mayor, decided to abolish the western extension introduced last year by his predecessor, Ken Livingstone.

The decision follows a bitter dispute between the mayor and senior officials in his transport authority, who accused him of ignoring the benefits of the £8 daily charge and acting on a flawed public consultation.

The powers-that-be say it's a wrong move but Boris is responding to a survey of public opinion who want the scheme abolished.

But hang on - that's democracy isn't it? And that's something that Nu Labour and their henchman don't want.

Well done Boris.

Manchester - vote against congestion charging!

The Motorists' Friend

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Man wearing speed camera costume gets a ticket

I love this story from Pistonheads. It shows how people can be both clever and stupid at the same time.

A red light camera in Arizona has snapped what appears to be a speed camera behind the wheel of an SUV. On September 14 the camera in Peoria photographed the car going through a red light split seconds after it changed.

But when the citation was issued the photograph clearly showed a person dressed up as a speed camera for an afternoon behind the wheel. Australian company Redflex, which runs photo enforcement programs for nine jurisdictions in Arizona, sent the ticket automatically to the Peoria Police Department for approval.

But according to reports state law requires the driver to be positively identified before the citation is issued. This is detailed on the Tuscon Police Department website: 'Does a Police Officer review my complaint before it is mailed? Yes. Every violation is reviewed by a Tucson Police Officer prior to a ticket being issued. The officer confirms the elements of the violation ensuring that there are grounds to believe a violation was committed, confirms the plate is readable and the driver is identifiable.

'The officer compares the photograph of the driver to the driver's license photo when possible. If there are reasonable grounds to believe an offence was committed and the person driving the vehicle is the one named, the officer places their name and badge number on the ticket and authorizes it to be issued. We believe that review of the violation by a trained police officer is critical in ensuring integrity in the process.’

If this is true the officer who issued the citation cannot have identified the driver without noticing his head was shrouded by a painted cardboard box.

Captain Gatso, of Motorists Against Detection, said: ‘We clearly all need to go down to our local supermarket and get a cardboard box and spray it yellow.’


The Motorists Friend

Government gambles our future and hurts motorists

This is a ridiculous gamble - it looks good on paper while the price of oil is low but it's a disaster for motorists when the price of crude rises (as it will do).

It's a nonsense budget designed to hurt motorists yet again. It's not that long since Gordon Brown was blaming everyone for the price of oil and urging them to increase production.

This spin-happy clown neglected to mention in his interviews (and which the craven BBC duly obliged) that we are heavily taxed at 70% on fuel pump prices and here they are going up yet again.

They've avoided putting the increase on twice now. Tossers.

So here's the Daily telegraph's take on what's happening:

There will be a 2p per litre rise in the cost of petrol from December 1, meaning motorists will make no gain from a cut in VAT announced in the pre-Budget report.

Anger at the fuel duty increases was tempered by a climb-down over controversial plans to increase road tax on millions of cars. (We will come back to this topic!)

The Treasury insisted next week's duty rise would leave drivers no worse off, but future rises will mean net increases in the cost of fuel.

The first duty increase was postponed earlier this year amid soaring oil prices, but with oil now at half the level it reached at its peak and pump prices falling, the Chancellor said it was right to go ahead with the rise.

Fuel duty will then rise again by 2p a litre in April next year and once more in April 2010, giving a total of 6p extra tax that will more than off-set the one-off temporary VAT cut, which will be reversed at the start of 2010.

Believe me, this is something that we will be returning to.

They can't chance an early election. The country is skint because of Brown's "financial genius" and we've lumbered ourselves with a shed-load of debt we can't pay back.

Please, vote anything but Labour to put this country right again.

The Motorists Friend

Call to reward law-abiding drivers

I missed this Press Association story when it first came out.

It underlines what I have been saying is needed for a long time. It makes common sense.

Instead of undermining and punishing motorists there has to be a balance to this idiot government's approach to dealing with motorists.

Don't know who did the poll - but fair play lads. Keep up the good work.

Good motorists think they should be rewarded for keeping to the speed limit, according to a poll.

Nearly half of drivers backed a new idea of speed cameras not only fining speeders but also randomly 'flashing' motorists observing the road limit and rewarding them with a cash payout.

The poll comes as the government unveiled new plans to hammer speeding motorists with a higher fixed penalty of six points for those breaking the limit by 20mph or more - meaning two offences could lead to an automatic 12 point ban.

The Motorists Friend

Monday, 24 November 2008

Policing on the cheap - so make sure you love thy neighbour!

Calling this a 'road safety war' does not lessen its impact - it is policing on the cheap and should not be allowed.

The room for a disgruntled neighbour to abuse this position is just unbelievable.

Let's leave aside the fact the bloke with the speed gun will lower it when he sees friends/family; he will ensure his 'enemies' get the full reatment.

I'm really pleased that some schemes were abandoned because of disputes. I wouldn't stand for it if one of my neighbours was pointing a speed gun at me.

Should you get a 'warning letter' then just ignore it. It's worthless, just like the small-minded zealots who think up this barmy schemes.

Get proper police officers back on the roads to enforce the law - not grannies and layabouts.

* And once again the powers-that-be have opened up the drivers database for people to access private details. Unbelievable.

The Motorists Friend

This is from the Daily Mail

The speed trap set by your neighbour - police recruit residents in road safety war

Motorists will face amateur speed traps run by local volunteer groups in towns and villages across the country, it was revealed yesterday.

Under rules to be sent to police forces in the new year, bands of volunteers will be supplied with speed detection equipment and asked to use it to identify drivers exceeding limits in their area.

The guidelines, prepared by the Association of Chief Police Officers, will set a national pattern for schemes which have been trialled in some areas – often with controversy.

Drivers caught breaking limits by 'community speed watch' groups have their numberplates checked on the police national computer and are sent warning letters by police forces.

They can be targeted for prosecution if they get three letters for speeding through volunteer group traps.

Motoring organisations warned yesterday that the proposals risk setting neighbour against neighbour and encouraging vigilantism. Some trial schemes had to be abandoned after they led to disputes between local people.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Speeding laws need a new direction

There's a really good article in today's Daily Telegraph.

I like this bit:

However, ministers should be aware that these reforms will not restore the reputation of our speeding laws. The purpose of such law should be to improve the safety of our roads.
Instead, it is widely perceived as a cynical revenue earner, particularly in the bailiwicks of our more zealous chief constables.
End result? The law is no longer respected (and confidence in the police has suffered as a result).
How else can one explain the fact that an estimated 40 per cent of the nation's motorists - about 12 million Britons - have penalty points on their licences?
Only when road traffic laws are once again perceived to be about road safety, not a thinly disguised tax on the motorist, will drivers start respecting them again.

The rest is here:

With this government it's not so much about the carrot and stick approach to dealing with speeding drivers (and we can include members of the cabinet here) but more of a stick and stick approach.

My idea was that while the government punishes and takes away, why don't they give back? Look at how drivers can win back points on their licence instead of them hating speed cameras because they take away livelihoods.

Extending speed cameras is just policing by Robocop. You don't catch bad drivers, drink drivers or unlicensed drivers.

To reassure people that we aren't being taxed simply because we drive the government has to think again about what it can do.

People are taught to drive for their conditions and surroundings. Excessive speed in dangerous situations in just crazy and those drivers should be penalised.

But the government is clamping down on drivers with DECADES of accident-free motoring behind them. Are they really danger drivers who deserve to be banned from the road?

I think not but common sense has sadly been lacking from this argument since Labour came to power.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Blimey I'm on fire today!!

Thanks to Brian Reade in today's Daily Mirror for a mention. It's here if you are interested:

This is following up an appearance in Tuesday's Daily Star:

And well done too to my old mate Jeremy Clarkson. Now there's a man who knows how to create headlines.

Captain Gatso

Clampdown on excessive speeders

Headlines like this really do worry me. This is the story:

Excessive speeders would get six penalty points. Drivers caught breaking the speed limit by a significant margin twice could be automatically banned from the roads under new government proposals.
The idea, set out in a consultation paper, is one of a range of measures aimed at the most dangerous drivers.
The document also suggests creating formal drug-drive limits in a bid to make prosecutions easier to achieve.

Now this is from an idea I flagged up nearly three years ago. Why can't good drivers be rewarded, or at least have some understanding from the system? Nu Labour being what it is has decided to flip the idea around and punish excessive speeders.

On the face of it this is a noble thing to do. Will it stop speeding? I doubt it. Motorists Against Detection aren't saying drivers should be allowed to drive at any speed - we say that drivers should use their experience and skills instead of having to keep watching their speedo - taking their eyes off the road etc.

My big worry with this is that Nu Labour will start lowering speed limits - so you'll be driving down a road that was 40mph. You haven't seen it change to 30mph and - bang - you are caught on a speed camera.

There's no indication yet, but I will lay good money that the sly bast*rds will say that if you're doing +5mph then you'll get 3 points but +10mph and you'll get 6 points.


Captain Gatso
The Motorists' Friend

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