Sunday, 13 December 2009

Drivers’ personal details handed to EU

Please believe me when I say we now live in a police state.

Your privacy is no longer an issue - anyone in Europe can find things out about you.

There's going to be a few people being chased for committing minor motoring offences from years ago - shame we don't have the same enthusiasm to chase foreign offenders.

This is in the Sunday Times:

Drivers’ personal details handed to EU

The personal details of nearly 40m UK motorists will be open to abuse when they are “automatically” trawled by foreign states, an internal police report has admitted.

Sensitive information such as a driver’s address, motoring convictions and medical history will be exposed to routine sifting by police, traffic wardens and other officials across Europe when European Union data-sharing plans come into force in 2011.

The “restricted” document raises fears that foreign traffic police and other bureaucrats on the continent will be able to hunt down British tourists years after they return home for reasons such as unpaid parking fines.

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