Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How the police can save a fortune - without sacking officers

I see that today the funding of police forces comes into the searchlight.

As we have said before at speedaholics (mainly on the blog) the police don't need to be running around in top-of-the-range cars.

Why does an Inspector need a fancy BMW?

At one point on Speedaholics we actually gave details of the luxury cars and their number plates which were spotted in the police station car parks.

It might be worth doing this again just to underline how the police waste their resources.

Let's not feel too bad for them - times have been good under Labour.

Unheard of new powers; the biggest police force in history; the biggest overtime budget EVER and a crass approach to dealing with the public as 'the enemy'.

It's going to take the police service years to put right the damage they have caused in their relationship between them and the public.

As motorists we are pleased to see their wallets being attacked without any recourse to whether it's right or wrong.

Now you know how the general public feels.

Captain Gatso

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