Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Speed cameras cause accidents - is anyone surprised?

I don't blog here as often as I should because everything I said was wrong about speed cameras has been proved to be true.

And today there's proof that speed cameras do not cut accidents - they cause them instead (Daily Mail story below).

It's only a small victory for us since we've been saying this since NuLieBore introduced them to raise cash (and not every speed camera partnership has supplied information for this survey which underlines just how hopeless they are).

Speed cameras have nothing to do with safety but instead just raise cash from motorists. We've been saying that most accidents occur within a mile of your home at a junction - and that's from the Dept for Transport's own figures (though they are also shy about revealing that speed is a factor in less than 5% of accidents).

Most of the police officers we know all say that education is the key to bringing down the accident figures. That and putting more police patrols on the street. Labour cut down on the number of patrolling officers and this is the price you pay. Speed cameras do not recognise drunk drivers for instance. It also explains why the accident rate was in decline before speed cameras were introduced and then rose afterwards.

Anyway, here's hoping that a lesson will be learned - but don't hold your breath!

Speed cameras 'do not cut accidents'... they create them, study finds

Many speed cameras have not cut accident rates and may even have increased them, figures reveal for the first time today.

Statistics published by the Department for Transport show many cameras have done little or nothing to improve accident rates, but have proved highly effective in clocking up speeding fines.

Only a small number of councils have agreed to publish the full data on each speed camera in their area.

But ministers will today urge all councils to follow suit – saying motorists have a right to know whether local speed cameras are justified.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said: ‘We are shining the light of transparency on the performance of speed cameras.

‘People want to know that if their tax money is being spent on speed cameras that they are actually making their roads safer, not just raising money.

‘They will now have the information to be able to hold their councils to account if they think that some cameras have actually made the situation worse, rather than better.’

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  1. The police cannot use stolen equipment to enforce laws - including speeding fines.

    Present day speed cameras use Automatic number plate recognition system which was stolen from me during the time that Ken Livingston was Mayor of London. Visit for more facts on the ongoing development of my attempts to get this matter into a British court of law - a case which the police and politicians have unlawfully blocked.

    The courts cannot impose a conviction in any case where there is doubt. The proper and rightful ownership of automatic number plate recognition systems places any conviction in doubt.