Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Put greedy parking bandits in their place

This is an excellent article by Martin Lewis, Britain's money saving expert , in the News of the World.

His advice is very good and shows that everyone should be questioning their parking tickets (mainly because the councils are inept and can't follow simple laws).

I WANT to show you how to rip-up your parking tickets! Not literally, of course.

But follow these methods to cancel UNFAIR parking fines, or reclaim clamp and tow-away fees, and it’s effectively the same thing.

The stats are simple. Take parking appeals all the way to Independent Tribunal stage, and you’ve an astonishing 70 per cent chance of SUCCESS.

Often, councils don’t bother defending. Yet they are bothered to give out eight million-plus tickets annually.

Read the rest here: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/lifestyle/money/166935/Got-a-ticket-Stick-it.html

To everyone who has been asking me about the Home Secretary effectively defrauding her way to more than 100 grand in expenses - I can't summon up the energy to be pissed off anymore. They've all got their noses in the taxpayers' money trough. And the fact the Tories are quiet on this one too illustrates just how rampant this is. The authorities say she hasn't done anything wrong is just bizarre. What is more worrying is that since 2001 she has racked up more than £700,000. Plus she pays her hubby £40,000 a year. The whole thing stinks. No-one, absolutely no-one can defend these jokers anymore. I've had enough.

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