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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

ID cards - it's an accident waiting to happen

Our march towards a police state continues. The worrying aspect is that the public sector is rammed with arrogant idiots who claim they can't do any wrong (preventing people appealing a speeding ticket and denied justice, anyone?).

So here we have a 'secure' system that has been breached by various people.

I flagged up ages ago that give these low-lifes any power and they will ALWAYS abuse it. Even if they don't have the right to access privileged information they still breach their own rules.

I'm telling you our privacy is up for sale via Zanu Labour. We cannot put up with this for much longer.

Here's the Daily Telegraph story:

Identity database accessed by town hall staff without justification

A database which is to be used as a model for the proposed ID card scheme has been accessed more than 30 times by council staff without authority.

The "serious security breaches" were made to the Customer Information System, which will host personal information on tens of millions of Britons when the Government's national identity scheme is up and running.

The Department for Work and Pensions, which runs the database, has threatened legal action against local authority staff who access information without "business justification".

The database currently contains a record of everyone in Britain who has a national insurance number as well as other benefits and employment data held by the DWP.

The department shares the data with agencies including councils, the courts and other government departments, but at least 33 local authority staff have broken access rules to view information since August 2006.

In future the database will provide the backbone of the National Identity Register – a database of citizens created to support the issuing of ID cards – and the breaches have raised concern about the security of the scheme.

Read the rest of the Telegraph story.

Please support No2ID.

Captain Gatso

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