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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

We were right all along

Here at Motorists Against Detection we said that the police and authorities were only interested in speed cameras AFTER they were allowed to keep the cash.
We were slagged down and ridiculed but's a story in The Times that underlines what we are saying.
There are now fewer speed cameras (well, the housings are still there but let's not split hairs) which in turn has led to a massive drop in speed camera penalties.
We would view this as a victory except that the police reduced its number of patrols to rely on camera technology and this has compounded a situation which has led to an increase in accidents and injuries.
Sadly the bloated and expensive camera partnerships are still in existence.
It's a start but I doubt that we will go back to having the safest roads in Europe. The people in power don't do humble and they don't do apologies.
Which is a shame because their stance means we will suffer more injuries with this woolly-headed (and wrong) approach to road safety.

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Captain Gatso

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