Monday, 18 May 2009

Gatso nets £1m in just five months

Various camera partnerships, the Government and police keep trying to tell us that speed cameras are not about fleecing motorists.
But look at these figures - released under Freedom of Information and not willingly handed over - and think carefully.
What is the real issue here? If it is speeders going through roadworks causing such a problem then for God's sake get police patrols out and enforce the speed limit with tickets and 'words of advice'.
Or is it because there is an issue with signposting (a regular problem for people running cameras at roadworks) for so many people to be caught.
Whatever the answer it's simply ridiculous that so many drivers have had tickets issued.
On top of this it's also revealed that six other temporary camera sites together raked in £2.2million.
They were: the M1 in Mill Hill, North London (£616,000); A2 in Cobham, Kent (£397k); A40 in Denham, West London (£374k); A550 in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire (£368k); Junction 6 of the M62, Merseyside (£368k) and M1 near Rotherham, South Yorks (£71k).
This must be a topic for debate. So let's have it.
A GATSO installed to snare drivers racing through roadworks on a commuter route issued £1million of tickets in FIVE MONTHS.
The temporary speed camera snared 16,213 speeders — more than 100 a day.
Most would have been fined £60 — £973,000 in all — and faced three penalty points.
The camera was installed during a temporary 30mph limit on a 50mph section of the A316 in Hanworth, South West London — a commuter route into and out of the capital via the M3.

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