Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cops destroy Motorcycle News camera

I hate, just hate, having to bang on about the state of the police today.

This story in the MCN underlines what I say.

As I understand it the police cannot refuse, or intimidate, anyone who wants to take their picture in a public place (I'm not sure about this because this may have changed recently. Bizarrely).

For these cops to say they are armed officers (in a people carrier? Idiot!) is a blatant lie.

North Wales Police need a thorough shaking up. They are a disgrace.

Well done to the reporter who took a pic and then demanded his camera back (in the old days, the cops would pull the film out of a camera - that's criminal damage but few were ever charged).

The police are public servants. The police are there to uphold the law - not be above it.

Read the MCN story and enjoy the comments afterwards.

Captain Gatso

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