Sunday, 10 January 2010

Harriet Harman escapes driving ban

People have been asking why I haven't blogged anything on our esteemed MP Harriet Harman dodging a driving ban for using a mobile phone when she drove into another car.

The simple answer is: the result is no surprise. NewLiebore believe that normal laws don't apply to them (see anything on Baroness Scotland for this).

You or I would have been banned, loads of points and given a dressing down. Public schoolgirl Harriett didn't think the matter important enough to even bother turning up for court.

The interesting issue for me is a cabinet minister being caught TWICE speeding in a 30mph zone. Where is the outcry for that? How can these idiots criticise motorists? Double standards, hypocrites etc etc.

I despair. Bring on the election and let's consign these idiots to history.

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