Monday, 1 February 2010

London councils' three-decade parking error revealed

Well done to the campaigners who have managed to have a great success on parking bays.
[Read more: Five London councils may have to repay millions of pounds of parking fines to motorists after a BBC London investigation proved hundreds of their parking bays have been unlawfully operated for decades.]
As Neil Herron says: "Fairness and justice is a two-way street and councils now have a duty to refund those fined unlawfully."
Here at MAD we agree with that sentiment. However, we believe that all councils will try to aviod paying out saying it's too drastic to refund everyone.
Plus they can't afford to.
Well tough luck. You effectively stole the money from innocent people and should pay them back the fine plus interest.
Hopefully the legal fightback by the put-upon motorist in this country is now beginning.
It's especially interesting that the authorities hide behind laws they haven't implemented properly to persecute motorists and they will try to hide behind them to continue this war.
Pay up and shut up!

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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