Friday, 5 February 2010

Britain's roads: worse than a third world country

If you need proof that Gordon Brown has bankrupted the country - then look no further than the roads we drive on.

We pay a fortune in road tax, an extortionate amount in fuel taxes and yet we still have roads to embarrass a banana republic.

It might cost £10billion to put right. I might be imagining it but Gordon's about to put up taxes to pay for it.....

Captain Gatso
The Motorists' Friend

The Daily Mail
Britain's road network in £10billion pothole pit as winter ravages roads

Roads are in need of billions of pounds of repairs after two cold winters which have left them pitted with with thousands of potholes, experts warned yesterday.

The number of holes in the nation's roads is estimated to have leapt by 60 per cent after the two icy winters and the cost of fixing them all is put at around £10billion.

There are now thought be at least 1.6million in England and Wales, making life a misery for motorists and cyclists.

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