Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Six million motorists forget MoT

News that 6 million motorists have forgotten about their MoT doesn't come as a surprise. It's human nature afterall. But the Government tried a few years to change the rules as part of a clampdown on this issue. Obviously they wanted to rake in a few quid by hammering people with late payments fines.

But to find that one in five of us have been late is a surprise. Especially doing it later than a month overdue.

So we like the idea of having an email reminder to get it done.

Except we will probably forget to act upon it!!

* Apologies for being away. Did I miss anything!!

* Good luck to all the security people in London this week. I think you will be needing it. It's a shame you roll out the carpet for security for a waste of space like Gordon Brown but can't do it for the people who pay your wages.

* So the Home Secretary has been found with her nose in the trough. Again. So what her hubby likes fanny flicks. He can do what he likes. Just as long as I am not paying for it!!
One in five motorists has been more than a month overdue when renewing their MoT, a survey has shown.

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