Thursday, 2 April 2009

Petrol prices are indefensible

I tell you - I'm so looking forward to the summer of chaos. It's about time that people in this country began to get angry.

Take yesterday's petrol duty rise. It may be only 2p but it's still 75% of the pump price. I don't want to pay those thieves in Zanu Labour any more money.

It is a hurtful thing to do because so many people are struggling. Pump prices rocketed when the price of oil went up but the fuel firms haven't put their prices down as quickly (or as much as they should have done) once the oil price fell through the floor.

On top of this, the AA says pump prices have risen by more than 5.5p a litre since the start of 2009.


And today we have saying that in the last decade, the cost of insuring, servicing, taxing and buying fuel for a car has outstripped the rate of inflation by a massive 34pc.

This fleecing of the motorist has just got to stop.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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