Thursday, 18 June 2009

Speed camera fines drivers £350,000 in just three weeks as drivers cry 'scam'

This Daily Mail story illustrates a ruse used by many councils - change the junction layout and priorities without actually telling anyone.
In this instance, it means a council has raked in fines worth £350,000 in just three weeks.
Of course, no-one at the council thought that this was an extraordinary situation and so they didn't opt to cancel the fines (oh, no no no) or improve signage.
No they kept on issuing fines and getting nasty when people complain.
We must be close to civil war on actions such as these. The councils work for US! We pay THEM! Since when did ordinary, car driving folk become such easy targets?
It has to stop.

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Here's part of the Mail story:
North London's Islington Council fined thousands of drivers in a matter of days after installing a CCTV camera to catch road users who were unaware of the new rules.
Previously it had been legal to turn into the tiny backstreet.
Now angry road users - who say they only realised the rules had changed when they were sent fines in the post - are demanding the local authority cancel the penalties.

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