Friday, 26 June 2009

Hurrah! Common sense prevails - pay as you go scrapped

This Daily Mail story has brought a smaile to my face after weeks of misery:

Pay-as-you-drive scheme shelved: Labour backtracks after 1.7m sign petition.

A national pay-as-you-drive road tax plan has been shelved by Labour after the scheme sparked the largest petition on the Downing Street website.
New Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said it was 'not the time' to introduce the scheme that would see drivers pay up to £1.50 a mile to use the road.
The plan will not be included in the Labour manifesto in the run up to a General Election and will
Let's see what they do. They don't often pay any attention to the democratic process but then, as the most taxed nation in Europe, I think we are all getting ticked off about how expensive driving in this country has become.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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