Wednesday, 17 June 2009

British motorists pay £250m tax every week

People wonder why I get so angry with the antics of politicians - this story in the Telegraph illustrates why.
British motorists cough up over a BILLION pounds a WEEK and get a fraction back to help maintain roads which would shame a third world nation.
This is a political issue. Zanu Labour have used us as a cash cow to be milked regularly - without any say on where the cash goes. Stand up for your 'rights' and they destroy you or legislate your silence. Try contending a parking or speeding ticket and see how far you get. The authorities don't make mistakes and they don't answer questions.
So now we have millions of overtaxed, disgruntled voters who are really pissed off with the state of the nation.
As the writer says:
So what do we get for the £250m we spend each week on motoring taxation? A slower, more congested, less enjoyable road network that is undoubtedly getting worse, not better, as maintenance and repair standards are allowed to deteriorate.

Read more and weep.

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