Tuesday, 13 April 2010

£100k bill to get off a £60 ticket

Good luck to Neil in this fight. It's been ongoing for a while so he deserves every respect.

The local authorities are fighting it all the way in the knowledge they can't legally defend themselves.

They hide behind the notion that the laws are 'too complicated to implement'.

How come there wasn't a problem when the police were responsible?

The answer is that the councils got greedy and relied on the UK population not fighting back.

To a large we haven't but there's a sting in the tail coming very, very soon....

Captain Gatso

A PARKING crusader waging the biggest ever war against traffic wardens has shelled out £100,000 - to fight a £60 ticket.

Neil Herron, 47, has already re-mortgaged his £200,000 home to fund the landmark legal battle.

And now he's flogging his car - along with the appropriate personalised numberplate F1 NED.

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