Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bring on the fuel protests

At last! People are being stirred into action.

How many people will support the latest bid to avoid filling up on 1 May?

To be honest, not many.

But Nu Liebore will be fuming that the protest to highlight fuel costs takes place just a few days before the election.

Remember: the inept, lying Government trousers 76p for every litre sold.

So let's support the bankers bonuses and keep on paying!

Apparently, haulage firms in the North-East and activists Farmers For Action are also planning demos. Various people have been in touch for me to take a lead on this but I need more people to step forward.

Also people need to be aware that Tony Blair changed the law on these protests.

Captain Gatso,
The Motorists Friend

We're net buying petrol there

Read the News of the World story:

ANGRY motorists are planning mass protests against petrol prices just DAYS before the election.

A huge Facebook campaign is mobilising half a million drivers to boycott pumps in demos which could be devastating for Gordon Brown as Britain goes to the polls.

It comes after a series of unpopular tax hikes in recent months sent petrol soaring to 120.8p a litre this week - up from 94.9p only a YEAR ago - with the Government pocketing 76p for every litre sold.

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  1. What Was The Logo For 2008 And Is It The Same For This Protest On Sat May 1ST .
    We Shall Be On The M62 Bridge To Put Up A Banner
    In Support .
    If We Knew What To Put !!!!