Thursday, 8 April 2010

Police secretly photographing 14million motorists a day and storing images for two years

The police state we call the UK really is a sad place to live.

The Daily Mail has an interesting story - and I'm pleased to see that Liberty say this is an illegal database.

No lawmaker has been involved with the police compiling this horrendous database.

Will they stop sending our images to the computer? Under Nu Liebore? What do you think?

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

Police are secretly photographing up to 14million motorists a day and keeping their details for years, it has emerged. Images of drivers and their front seat passengers are being captured by a network of cameras and held on a database without their knowledge, a police document has revealed.

Now police chiefs are facing a legal challenge from privacy campaigners, who say that automatic number plate recognition cameras are being used to spy on innocent road users.

Police and the Highways Agency have previously claimed that ANPR cameras on the roads do not transmit images of drivers.

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