Wednesday, 15 April 2009

And so the PR spin begins to unravel

So, as I flagged up last week, it doesn't matter that you put a positive spin on what could be a dodgy assignment - the truth will always out.

And here we have yet more officers being fingered for unprovoked violent behaviour.

The fact most officers didn't have their numbers, or ranks, display suggests they went to the G20 to carry out mindless acts of violence.

In the latest video there is no suggestion that the sergeant was provoked into reacting.

But he is a professional and beating a woman with a metal cosh is no way to help in police relations.

Is that the sound of birds coming home to roost? The police have undermined and criminalised vast numbers of law-abiding people with their ceaseless tactics of hammering motorists, their ramping up of the big brother police state and generally losing respect of ordinary members of the public (and for this instance I point to the demonstration violently put down in Luton the other day - shame they didn't use the same tactics when the Muslim chanters disgraced the soldiers' homecoming parade).

Again, I congratulate the public relations operations within the police. Excellent work but this was always going to unravel.

Though I'm pleased to see that a review of tactics is being asked for. Believe me, 'penning in' innocent law-abiding members of the public and treating them like crap just won't wash anymore.

And whilst on this subject - don't proclaim that there isn't any CCTV footage to prove the Tomlinson incident without checking first. I suspect the private footage now coming foward is going to make very interesting viewing.

But then I doubt we will ever get to the bottom of what really went on at the G20. Which is a pity for the poor public/police relations.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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