Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Home Office 'colluded with Phorm'

Ho ho ho ho. Phorm is a nasty, unwelcome watcher on everything you do on the Internet. Shame on any ISP that decides to instigate its 'service'.
On the surface, it's about serving up relevant ads - but to do this they need to monitor the sites you are going to.
It's unethical and it's wrong.
And lordy - here we have the Home Office taking an interest. As they always would.
There's no doubt that they would be interested in the 'service' for other means.
Coming after Jackboot Jacqui the Home Secretary for Zanu Labour saying they wouldn't keep a database of our internet and email usage, the whole thing stinks.
We are so close to losing our privacy and, to an extent, our liberty is frightening.
Here's how the BBC reports this:
Home Office 'colluded with Phorm' The ad-serving system profiles the sites people visit online The Home Office has been accused of colluding with online ad firm Phorm on "informal guidance" to the public on whether the company's service is legal.
E-mails between the ministry and Phorm show the department asking if the firm would be "comforted" by its position.
The messages show Phorm making changes to the guidance sought by the ministry.
Lib Dem Home Affairs spokeswoman Baroness Sue Miller, who has questioned the Home Office about Phorm, said the e-mails were "jaw dropping".

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