Friday, 24 April 2009

More speed cameras planned for UK roads

This is simply unbelievable. OK so the country is skint but do we really need more Government cash-making machines by the road side.
The funniest part about this new plan is that the Govt wants to create the safest roads in the world 'within 10 years'. Errr, it's probably passed your attention but until Zanu Labour came to power we did have the world's safest roads.
But what the hell - drivers are now facing more points and fines for motoring 'offences'.
And to introduce these 'time over distance' cameras is going to cause riots - if you don't crack down on uninsured, unregistered and unlicensed drivers first. See later.
There's a crack down on drink and drug driving - with random breath testing becoming more common - which is to be welcomed. I doubt that this means more police on our roads.
However, drivers are facing a ban after only two speeding offences with penalty points being doubled to six points for drivers who exceed the speed limit by 15mph in a 20mph or 30mph area, or by 20mph in higher speed zones.
Apparently, there's more action against uninsured and unlicensed drivers also set to be introduced. I doubt this will be that big - it's politically fraught since so many of the unlicensed drivers are immigrants.
I have had, and I mean this literally, enough of this Zanu Labour crap.
Just remember there's an election next year.
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Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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