Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Coalition Govt - we salute you!

News over the weekend that Govt spending cuts will see roadside cameras switrched off is good news for ALL motorists.

Let's see the end of speed camera partnerships (forget the word 'safety' in their titles because they aren't interested in road safety) and then return to the days when the UK had the safest roads in the world.

Is that too much to ask for?

Here's how Sky News tell the story:

Thousands of speed cameras could be switched off after the Government slashed cash for road safety by 40%

According to The Sunday Times, the first county likely to abandon the devices is Oxfordshire, which may shut down its 79 cameras as early as next week.

Other counties could do the same, with camera networks in Devon and Cornwall, Somerset and Northamptonshire also under review, the paper said.

About 6,000 speed cameras across the UK cost motorists an estimated £100m in fines a year. Oxfordshire's network raised more than £1m in 2009.

But the money goes to the Treasury despite local authorities complaining they should be able to keep the proceeds for spending on road safety.

The reduction in Government cash for road safety has prompted Oxfordshire officials to recommend a £600,000 cut in Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership funding.

The body, which operates the county's fixed speed cameras, has reportedly said it will no longer be able to afford them, if funding is slashed.

All the cameras will be switched off if county councillors ratify the cutback on Tuesday, the Times continued.

The reviews of camera networks follow a Government decision to claw back £38m from English local authorities' 2010-11 £95m road safety budget.

Road safety minister Mike Penning told the paper: "In the coalition agreement, the Government made clear it would end central funding for fixed speed cameras.

"This is another example of this government delivering on its pledge to end the war on the motorist.

"I would hope that councils will use the funds available to put in place new measures to tackle road safety problems."

Road safety charity Brake's Ellen Booth feared Oxfordshire's decision could prompt other councils to scrap speed cameras.

She was quoted as saying: "We're incredibly concerned in case this is more than an isolated incident. That would be a disaster for road safety and the public."


Motorists Against Detection wants to see more police on the roads to enforce the laws of the land AND an increase in driver education.

This really is a time for celebration!

Captain Gatso
The Motorists' Friend

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