Thursday, 1 July 2010

Why the Police in the UK do not respect freedom or democracy

People keep telling me that I'm wrong on the Police State UK.

But the evidence keeps piling up. The problem is that the rozzers either don't understand the law - or keep on making it up as they go along.

Here are two cases from this week alone which illustrate why these clowns can do what they do without EVER being sacked.

Democracy? Bring it - it should make for a nice change in this country.

Case number 1:
Read how the police overstep the mark and then push a 15-year-old down some steps because he - RIGHTLY - tries to tell them what the law is: Journalism and this Hackney news site.

Here's the best bit for me:

Director of Big Brother Watch Alex Deane told it would support Mattsson in any future cases against the police.

"Some officers think that anti-terror legislation gives them blanket powers to hassle people whenever they want," he says. "This case is a very bad example of that. Confronted by bullying policemen, acting entirely outside their powers, this young man admirably stood up for himself and rightly maintained that he was entitled to take pictures in a public place. The police should apologise immediately and admit that they were in the wrong."

Case number 2:
Journalists win payout after police admit failing to respect press freedom - The Guardian

Watch this idiot in action. They really don't care about freedoms do they? Can they really believe it's always 'us and them'. At this rate it soon will be.

Captain Gatso

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