Monday, 5 July 2010

Crackdown on 'Big Brother' camera network for our roads after Home Secretary orders review

A review into the use of ANPR cameras is long overdue - and we don't expect them to be removed.

The police are now in charge and they don't want this to happen.

It's NOT about finding/tracking terrorists but about following ordinary people. NuLiebore just wanted control and the Coalition may think it's too good to give up.

Incredible that they were installed in the first place.

** I was going to comment on the decision to remove secret cameras which monitor the Muslim population of Birmingham. I've decided not to get embroiled in this one. Again, the cameras shouldn't have been put up and they are offensive. But they are offensive to all members of the population.

Read the ANPR story from the Daily Mail below.

Captain Gatso

Police face restrictions on the use of a 'Big Brother' network of thousands of cameras tracking up to 14million motorists a day.

The controversial Automatic Number Plate Recognition system takes photographs of car number plates, allowing officers to follow individual vehicles for hundreds of miles.

All details are logged on a central database, which has 7.6million records of the movements of motorists tracked by more than 4,000 cameras across the country.

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