Thursday, 8 July 2010

Greedy Gatso on safe road row

Just when people think the Gatso row has died away there pops up another example of the greed of the 'safety camera' partnerships.

You won't need me to spell out why this camera is so wrong (but it's on a road without any RTAs and is a dual carriageway with a 30mph. Go figure).

But, goodness me, to rack yp £1.3m a year in fines on what is suppoed to be a SAFE road? Come on!

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

A SPEED camera on a road with a sparkling safety record has sparked fury — as it nets £1.3MILLION a year in fines.

The controversial camera, one of the most lucrative in Britain, has been catching an average 1,843 motorists a month — hitting each with a £60 ticket.

But the dual carriageway it sits on has had only ONE serious injury in ELEVEN YEARS.

Motoring groups have slammed it as a move to "milk the motorist" — claiming the 30mph is far too low for the road.

Thousands of drivers have been fined for driving at a few miles over 30mph, not realising the limit is so low.

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