Friday, 9 July 2010

Speeding fines race to £87m

So here we go AGAIN.

Everything in this report in today's Sun repeats what we have been saying for at least the last five years.

Have people not been listening?

Let me repeat: there is NO EVIDENCE that speed cameras make the roads any safer. In fact, the statistics show that the great improvements this country had been making slowed - or got worse - AFTER the introduction of speed cameras. (The Govt played a statistical quirk game in which they showed the opposite but had to ignore some very basic statistical rules).


Anyway, let The Sun spell it out for you.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

MOTORISTS were clobbered with more than £87million in fines last year after being nabbed by speed cameras.
But a new report today claims the explosion in the number of cameras has NOT made roads safer.
Instead, the steady drop in road casualties over the last 30 years SLOWED after they were introduced in 1991.
Hundreds of thousands of drivers were snapped speeding or jumping red lights last year.
They were fined a total of £87.4million, the report from the TaxPayers' Alliance shows.
London drivers paid nearly £6.3million - the highest in the country.

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