Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Call to reward law-abiding drivers

I missed this Press Association story when it first came out.

It underlines what I have been saying is needed for a long time. It makes common sense.

Instead of undermining and punishing motorists there has to be a balance to this idiot government's approach to dealing with motorists.

Don't know who did the poll - but fair play lads. Keep up the good work.

Good motorists think they should be rewarded for keeping to the speed limit, according to a poll.

Nearly half of drivers backed a new idea of speed cameras not only fining speeders but also randomly 'flashing' motorists observing the road limit and rewarding them with a cash payout.

The poll comes as the government unveiled new plans to hammer speeding motorists with a higher fixed penalty of six points for those breaking the limit by 20mph or more - meaning two offences could lead to an automatic 12 point ban.

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