Thursday, 20 November 2008

Clampdown on excessive speeders

Headlines like this really do worry me. This is the story:

Excessive speeders would get six penalty points. Drivers caught breaking the speed limit by a significant margin twice could be automatically banned from the roads under new government proposals.
The idea, set out in a consultation paper, is one of a range of measures aimed at the most dangerous drivers.
The document also suggests creating formal drug-drive limits in a bid to make prosecutions easier to achieve.

Now this is from an idea I flagged up nearly three years ago. Why can't good drivers be rewarded, or at least have some understanding from the system? Nu Labour being what it is has decided to flip the idea around and punish excessive speeders.

On the face of it this is a noble thing to do. Will it stop speeding? I doubt it. Motorists Against Detection aren't saying drivers should be allowed to drive at any speed - we say that drivers should use their experience and skills instead of having to keep watching their speedo - taking their eyes off the road etc.

My big worry with this is that Nu Labour will start lowering speed limits - so you'll be driving down a road that was 40mph. You haven't seen it change to 30mph and - bang - you are caught on a speed camera.

There's no indication yet, but I will lay good money that the sly bast*rds will say that if you're doing +5mph then you'll get 3 points but +10mph and you'll get 6 points.


Captain Gatso
The Motorists' Friend

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