Saturday, 29 November 2008

Britain is a police state - OFFICIAL!!

The arrest of Tory MP Damian Green is a shocking act - the police are out of control.

And for Gordon Brown to say he didn't know anything about it is beyond incredible.

Only a clown like Speaker Martin would allow cops to raid the MP's office in Parlament. This is an affront on democracy - but like I've been saying...Labour (or should that be ZANU Labour?) aren't interested in democracy. They don't like critics.

These people know that their days are numbered. Interesting that things like this happen when those snakes Mandelson and Campbell return to the warzone.

So, the front of the Daily Mail ( is that Britain is now a police state and MP's want protection. What about the rest of us? We've been putting up with this for years. We have no rights. The police will pursue who they like.

On top of this there's an interesting story in today's Times too. A reporter is put through the criminal process ( and it turns out there is no case to answer. Strip searched etc.

She had a copper as a friend and then was 'monitored' illegally by the police. The judge is appalled.

Bizarrely, Article 10 of the European Human Rights convention has protected her. She says she feels 'violated' but I doubt she will be the last. Do the police ever step forward and apologise and promise not to do it again?

Where are you ZANU Labour supporters now? Is this really the Britain you want? You must speak out now - we are teetering on the brink. Labour and the police are out of control.

But don't worry about it - the Socialist Prime Minister Tony Blair is now a multi-millionaire. Nice work if you can get it.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend


I have been sent the police equivalent of a 'D Notice' which has been emailed to all of Britain's news editors.

I'm pleased to see that they've all ignored it - except the Labour-supporting papers who can't bring themselves to upset the puppet master. They haven't got the balls to realise they are supporting a bunch of fascist bastards.

Anyway, references to the Contempt of Court Act don't mean anything now - especially now that everyone has published material likely to prejudice a fair trial. Endanger a criminal trial? You bunch of piss-taking amateurs. I hope a few careers get burned over this.

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