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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Government gambles our future and hurts motorists

This is a ridiculous gamble - it looks good on paper while the price of oil is low but it's a disaster for motorists when the price of crude rises (as it will do).

It's a nonsense budget designed to hurt motorists yet again. It's not that long since Gordon Brown was blaming everyone for the price of oil and urging them to increase production.

This spin-happy clown neglected to mention in his interviews (and which the craven BBC duly obliged) that we are heavily taxed at 70% on fuel pump prices and here they are going up yet again.

They've avoided putting the increase on twice now. Tossers.

So here's the Daily telegraph's take on what's happening:

There will be a 2p per litre rise in the cost of petrol from December 1, meaning motorists will make no gain from a cut in VAT announced in the pre-Budget report.

Anger at the fuel duty increases was tempered by a climb-down over controversial plans to increase road tax on millions of cars. (We will come back to this topic!)

The Treasury insisted next week's duty rise would leave drivers no worse off, but future rises will mean net increases in the cost of fuel.

The first duty increase was postponed earlier this year amid soaring oil prices, but with oil now at half the level it reached at its peak and pump prices falling, the Chancellor said it was right to go ahead with the rise.

Fuel duty will then rise again by 2p a litre in April next year and once more in April 2010, giving a total of 6p extra tax that will more than off-set the one-off temporary VAT cut, which will be reversed at the start of 2010.

Believe me, this is something that we will be returning to.

They can't chance an early election. The country is skint because of Brown's "financial genius" and we've lumbered ourselves with a shed-load of debt we can't pay back.

Please, vote anything but Labour to put this country right again.

The Motorists Friend

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