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Friday, 28 November 2008

London congestion charge zone slashed by Boris Johnson

It's good to see common-sense prevails in the office of the Mayor of London. Now that the idiot Livingstone has gone with his hatred of cars (and especially motorists) we should start being happier about what might happen to the capital's roads.

The good news here is that it should deliver a blow to the congestion charge vote taking place in Manchester.

Congestion charging doesn't work. It makes driving for poor people prohibative and doesn't have an impact on CO2 emmissions or any other nonsense thrown up as a reason for having it.

Here's The Times:

The London congestion charge zone will be halved after Boris Johnson, the Mayor, decided to abolish the western extension introduced last year by his predecessor, Ken Livingstone.

The decision follows a bitter dispute between the mayor and senior officials in his transport authority, who accused him of ignoring the benefits of the £8 daily charge and acting on a flawed public consultation.

The powers-that-be say it's a wrong move but Boris is responding to a survey of public opinion who want the scheme abolished.

But hang on - that's democracy isn't it? And that's something that Nu Labour and their henchman don't want.

Well done Boris.

Manchester - vote against congestion charging!

The Motorists' Friend

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