Monday, 24 November 2008

Policing on the cheap - so make sure you love thy neighbour!

Calling this a 'road safety war' does not lessen its impact - it is policing on the cheap and should not be allowed.

The room for a disgruntled neighbour to abuse this position is just unbelievable.

Let's leave aside the fact the bloke with the speed gun will lower it when he sees friends/family; he will ensure his 'enemies' get the full reatment.

I'm really pleased that some schemes were abandoned because of disputes. I wouldn't stand for it if one of my neighbours was pointing a speed gun at me.

Should you get a 'warning letter' then just ignore it. It's worthless, just like the small-minded zealots who think up this barmy schemes.

Get proper police officers back on the roads to enforce the law - not grannies and layabouts.

* And once again the powers-that-be have opened up the drivers database for people to access private details. Unbelievable.

The Motorists Friend

This is from the Daily Mail

The speed trap set by your neighbour - police recruit residents in road safety war

Motorists will face amateur speed traps run by local volunteer groups in towns and villages across the country, it was revealed yesterday.

Under rules to be sent to police forces in the new year, bands of volunteers will be supplied with speed detection equipment and asked to use it to identify drivers exceeding limits in their area.

The guidelines, prepared by the Association of Chief Police Officers, will set a national pattern for schemes which have been trialled in some areas – often with controversy.

Drivers caught breaking limits by 'community speed watch' groups have their numberplates checked on the police national computer and are sent warning letters by police forces.

They can be targeted for prosecution if they get three letters for speeding through volunteer group traps.

Motoring organisations warned yesterday that the proposals risk setting neighbour against neighbour and encouraging vigilantism. Some trial schemes had to be abandoned after they led to disputes between local people.

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