Monday, 1 December 2008

Electric car target is just bonkers

This government, this bunch of incompetent no-hopers called ZANU Labour, just won't give up, will they?

News today is that everyone will have to drive an electric car by 2025 is just insane. And I have a number of reasons for offering my bile on this subject.

The idea is that we need to bring down CO2 levels. Cars, get this, are responsible for around 22 per cent of that figure. (And most of that is produced by dirty, inefficient buses and heavy lorries not cars (Indeed, in some parts of the world cars put out cleaner air than they take in!)).

And I have to laugh when the Daily Telegraph announces with a straight face that Gordon Mugabe Brown is 'an advocate of electric cars' - this from a man who can't drive!

So how will ditching petrol engines make a difference?

I'll give you some solutions without doing so: restrict air traffic (and increase their fuel duty); most CO2 in this country comes from homes so insulate better the ones we have by offering tax incentives and not building 3,000,000 more as promised by that thin-skinned buffoon Prescott; build more efficient power stations.

And lastly, the most effective way of them all: start culling cattle and sheep because they produce far more CO2 than cars ever will.

(I offer all these solutions despite not believing at all in the idea of man-made climate change. We are subject to natural changes in the earth's temperature: the Romans grew vineyards north of Newcastle and when the Vikings landed in Greenland it was actually green and not covered in ice.)

But wait...there are a number of political issues there aren't there?

As I keep saying - the Government isn't interested in using motorists to bring down CO2 levels. It's a gimmick. A lie. An untruth. It's political posturing and they need our road taxes. Mind you, looks like electricty will rocket in price between now and then. Mark my words!

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