Thursday, 8 January 2009

Celebs won't learn

It's all happening today - boxer Frank Bruno gets banned for driving at twice the limit (that's 53mph in a 30mph zone).
And the lovely Jordan gets off a speeding charge on a technicality (she didn't tell police who was driving. Good girl).
Also, England and Gloucester rugby player Mike Tindall has been banned from driving for three years.
If people in the public eye can't concentrate on the rules of the road, then what hope for the rest of us?
And then today I hear that London Mayor Boris Johnson got a £60 congestion charge fine before Christmas - and he paid it! What a clown.
But the biggest clown is still Gordon Brown. The Daily Telegraph reveals today that this colossal idiot lost £4.7billion when he sold our gold at rock bottom prices. He is no more an economic genious than I am. And I would prefer having Jordan running the country's finances than Brown or Darling.
That's nearly £5billion - how many 'schools 'n' hospitals' is that for hard working families, then Gordon?
Pip, pip!

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