Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Well done Dale

This story in today's Daily Telegraph just underlines the first rule of dealing with speed cameras - always, always contest your ticket.

The authorities make so many mistakes it's unbelievable. Don't just rollover and take a fine and points if you don't agree with it

This young fella knew the ticket had to be wrong and spent a fortune proving the principal. I'm hoping he isn't expecting an apology because these people never apologies for being wrong.

They don't like it when people exercise their legal rights and contest speeding tickets.

If the authorities concerned listened and stopped being so arrogant about their infallibility then may be we could get somewhere.

But then, as I keep saying, the public/police relationship has now broken down to such a degree that I don't think it will ever return. That's down to Zanu Labour and the speed cameras victimising ordinary, law-abiding people into being criminals.

This is the story:

Speed case dropped after driver proves old car won't reach 98mph

A motorist accused of speeding at 98mph succeeded in getting the case against him dropped after spending £1,200 to prove that his 14-year-old car could only reach 85mph.

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