Thursday, 29 January 2009

Motorists - brace yourselves!

So the country is skint and, according to the IMF, needs to raise £20billion in taxes - or make the same amount in savings.

Well, as the most taxed nation in Europe I'm hoping against hope that it's the tax cuts route wee Gordon takes.

If not the only route open is to milk motorists. Again.

On top of this has anyone noticed how bad the roads are getting? Supposedly one fifth of road tax actually goes into repairing the roads. I don't think so. The roads are literally crumbling under our feet. The damages claim for pothole damage must be huge.

We have the roads of a second or third world country - not ones which represent the world's fourth richest country.

The whole Labour government is a shambles. And the end can't come soon enough but I fear we may be lumbered with these losers for another two years.

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