Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Here's a quick round-up

I've been 'occupied' for a few days and didn't have time to update this blog so here, in no particular order, is my take on a few things.

* The Middle East crisis. Nice to see that the Middle East envoy due to make everything better didn't actually get there until Israel invaded. So well done to Tony Blair who wouldn't interrupt his holiday even though he is the 'special envoy'. Let's not forget that because of his lies, men and women are still dying in an illegal war; in another war no-one understands why we are there and the country is on its arse. Never mind, Tony has earned well over £12million since leaving office.

* The M11 speed camera. Until it was pointed out to me I hadn't realised that this thing is racking up speeding 'fines' of around £30,ooo every 24 hours. That's around 500 drivers a day. Or about £1million a month. Err do the authorities not think it's time to look at signage and how the road is laid out or do we want them to rack up the cash.

* Oh and I could could bang on about people wanting us to take the Euro because of the economy. We don't need to go cap in hand to the Eurozone. They need us. We are still a net contributor to the loony EU gravytrain so we should throw our weight around a bit more. (And can anyone in favour of taking the Euro please explain to me why we have to give our gold reserves over to Germany for the privilege?).

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