Monday, 26 January 2009

Losing a passport - classic 'mission creep'

News that Zanu Labour is planning to hit dads who don't pay maintenance for their children is a prime example of mission creep.

It's also littered with loads of pitfalls. The main one being it isn't a judge who decides whether the errant dad loses his driving licence and/or passport. It's a civil servant. Would you trust the cretins who man the government's turkey army?

No, me neither.

But the big worry is that when this becomes law I will lay money now that there's a clause which enables the government to hit drivers for other issues.

Drove too fast in a built up area? Bang goes your licence and passport.

Not paid a speeding fine? Bang goes your licence and passport.

Late paying your road tax? Bang goes your licence and passport.

Honestly, this shower only think in draconian terms. I highlighted at the time of the introduction of the Terrorism Act that there was no definition of terrorism or a terrorist. It could include someone damaging a speed camera, for instance.

And that's why people who try to get their children into schools are being hit with the Terrorism Act. It's barmy.

The country is already a police state and here we are cranking up authoritarian powers. It's beyond belief.

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