Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Wee Gordon's pouting costs taxpayers dearly

Nice to read that the great idea of moving Cabinet meetings around the country wasn't as slick as we had imagined.
Firstly, it's been done to boost Gordon's image but, sadly, the trip to Leeds last year cost around £200,000 with policing costing £138,000.
The first one in Birmingham cost around £62,000 says Gordon but he didn't add in the coppers' costs.
The next one is in Liverpool on Thursday so hopefully they might work out who is paying the police bill - and hopefully it's not the council taxpayers.
This is a political gimmick and we shouldn't have to be saddled with any costs.
No-one cares about the Cabinet. They are all remote and self-serving so trying to change peoples' opinions won't do a lot for them.

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