Thursday, 15 January 2009

Police take down facebook page

Another nail in the coffin of free speech? Another example of the thin-skinned police stepping on any criticism? I'm really at the stage where I believe the police just do not care whether they get public support anymore. Much like Germany in the 30s.

Anyway, I liked what this fella posted on to another motoring site:

Suffolk Police had to get Facebook to shut down a site dedicated to a Traffic Warden who had become a nightmare and was making peoples lives and businesses a misery, even resorting to creeping around in the dead of night to garner inteligence.
Some the locals set up a page to slag him off, but due to it's popularity and the fact that some of his customers or angry victims were so rude about him, the spoilsports that the Police are these days had to get involved!
They may have classed as a hate crime, I guess, good for the stats?
His name is John Woodgate, he has a beard and hes now a PCSO, so watch out BIB he might book you as well, to keep his hand in.
What happened to free speech, opionions, beliefs, I thought the internet was not Policed or censored, although have read that it's best not to host stuff in the UK or US as they have agreements with each other and ISP's delete or keep records of things, Phillipines is good I hear?

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  1. This is just typical of the police these days. I contacted them about some delightful person who was offering to share their HIV infection with allcomers ( and was rather keen on doing so with me ) on facebook, yet I was simply fobbed off.

    Obviously, taking the mickey out of someone is far more serious an issue than distributing deadly infections.