Friday, 16 January 2009

Cop not banned because he had a row with his wife

Dunno about you but I don't the magistrates would wear this excuse with me.
Like I say: road safety should be for us all. Those who wear a (police) uniform should be held accountable and not be above the law.
Well done to the lads who stuck one one him. Shame about the inconsistent 'justice' system we have in this country.
I doubt the officer concerned will do the decent thing and resign?

Cop caught speeding at 105mph escapes ban - because of row with wife
A COP caught driving at 105mph was spared a ban yesterday after a sheriff heard he was angry with his wife at the time of the offence.
Grampian Police constable Alan Bothwell was clocked by colleagues from the Central Scotland force as he roared north on the M9 near Stirling.
The courts routinely ban speeders who do more than 100mph unless they have an exceptional excuse.
But Stirling sheriff Paul Arthurson gave Bothwell a £600 fine and six points on his licence after the cop's lawyer told him about his client's marriage troubles and depression.
Solicitor John McLeod said Bothwell was living with his mum in Glasgow when he was caught speeding on September 25 last year.
After a row on the phone with his wife, who was living in Aberdeenshire, the 37-year-old officer got into his Vauxhall Astra Sxi and set off for the north-east. Mr McLeod said Bothwell was upset and "in an enraged mood" following the argument and allowed his speed to creep up.

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