Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bob Quick - oversensitive, overreactive 'copper'

More evidence that the police are a now a political branch of the Zanu Labour Party comes in the form of tetchy Asst Comm Bob Quick who slagged of the Tories for highlighting where he lives - forcing him to move his family at short notice.
He was reacting to a great story in the Mail on Sunday which revealed his wife was running a limo firm - from his home.
Errr, this bloke is the top anti-terrorist copper and is announcing his home address on the Internet and local newspaper adverts.
So his slagging of the Tories was unwelcome. And probably untrue since the story probably came from a colleague at Scotland Yard.
More importantly is his outrage that this was a political move to prevent his inquiry into the Damian Green MP affair.
This is balls. Raiding the House of Commons without a search warrant is a massive affront to democracy.
Because, believe me, if this lot get way with this and manage to charge Damian Green with something then we really are living in a police state.

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