Friday, 12 December 2008

Congratulations to the people of Manchester

The vote on whether to install a congestion charge in Manchester had a higher turn-out than general elections and they have voted no.
They faced a £5 charge which would cover 80 square miles.
This goes to show the depth of feeling. Will Londoners get a chance to vote on their congestion charge?
Will the powers-that-be listen?
Instead of offering a stick and then a carrot why don't the government install better, cheaper public transport and encourage people to use that?
But no, they promiseg the better transport links if pepole vote yes.
No-one believes empty promises like that anymore. They just want to get to work without being hammered for yet more tax.
Hopefully, other cities will sit up and take notice of this result. It's unpopular and creates a divide between the people who have to pay it and their 'masters' who want to crush car ownership.
Blame Zanu Labour, that idiot Prescott for failing to create a decent public transport system (and then refusing to resign when he said he would shoudl he fail) and especially blame wee Gordon Clown.
More than a million people voted yesterday but I don't think we've heard the last of this. It's not how things work in the Britain created by Zanu Labour.
* See my earlier post about the £350 tax at work idea. This is now a runner - and it's obviously the Government's plan B should Manchester vote no.
I keep telling people: Zanu Labour don't like criticism and they don't like people standing up to them.
So now we face a tax on work. In a recession. You couldn't make it up.

Captain Gatso

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